Monday, November 1, 2010


Wow, September and October came and went. At the end of September I spent ten days in California traveling down the Pacific Coastal Highway with stops in San Francisco, Yosemite, Big Sur, LA and San Diego.  I recommend this trip to anyone who loves a scenic adventure.  California is a big state and going from city to city I wholeheartedly understand why people go there and don't come back.  There are endless ways to spend the majority of your time outdoors due to the beautiful weather and so no wonder why people are pro-active in their efforts to preserve and nurture the land.  While driving from Yosemite to Big Sur I loved seeing hundreds of windmills scattered across the golden hills and seeing solar panels everywhere.  

In SF I was enthused by huge support of emerging artists at the SFMOMA and there's a really great bookstore/museum dedicated to the Beat culture.  Yosemite was incredible.  Sites of Half Dome, El Capitan and Bridal Veil Fall was an unforgettable vision.  Ohhh Big Sur.  Drive along the mountain side where land and sea meet, pitch a tent amongst hundred year old Sequoias, frolic on the pacific beaches, and notice the many different flora and fauna because nature doesn't get any better than that.  After Big Sur my comrade and I shacked up with family and friends in LA and then San Diego to end the trip where we enjoyed plenty o tasty waves and a cool buzz.

Niagara Falls

In October I went to Niagara Falls, American soil.  I saw the mist above the falls over the buildings miles before arriving at the park.  Super exciting.  There's an observation deck that offers a direct view to the American Falls (height guestimation is 800ft) and then you can also go down to the gorge bringing you to the base of this fall.  Fancy yourself some island hopping to experience the top of Bridal Veil Fall and Horseshoe Fall.  I was enthralled in the beautiful blue-green waters at the base of each which are surprisingly calm after such heavy deposits of agua.  Also, there are rainbows in all directions when you visit each island which was most thrilling for me.  It would be cool to see all three falls from the Canadian side but I don't have a passport.  Shame, shame. I know.

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