Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis the Season

On Sunday C2G2 ReJewelry participated in an indie craft fair in Bethlehem, Pa at The Secret Art Space.  It was a gathering of local artists providing unique gifts for the holiday season.  I grew an emotional attachment to the space and to the people who were there; I just love it when all walks of life are brought together by art (visual, musical, literary & culinary).

Christina Giungo of C2G2 ReJewelry 

Andy Po selling all his memories: T-shirts from his closet.

Anna selling her knits and handmade wallets
and Kyle of Blind Willow Bookshop.

Jamie of made truffle chocolates in savory flavors like ginger and chipotle! 

Loving the teamwork.

And now I share this song:

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